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    I have 2 blogs that both use the Genesis framework and the News child theme.

    I have Google ad’s on both sites that look fine on the desktop, but I am also getting more and more traffic via mobile users.
    I know that Genesis is mobile friendly, (mobile responsive) as when I view my site using my mobile (Nexus 4) or friends devices there are no issues and it looks great.

    However, I would like to start running adverts for mobile visitors but I can’t figure out where to place the code? The current adverts (aimed at desktop viewers I guess) are placed in a text widget in my Primary Side-bar + one in the header.

    I can generate the required code for mobile ad’s on my Google Adsense page, but it really isn’t clear as to where I should place the code? I have looked at the help files on the AdSense area, but they really aren’t that clear. I would assume that I can add the code to a widget in the side bar and people’s browsers would only show the mobile adverts as it would recognize that the person looking at the page is using a mobile browser/device. I am hoping that someone on here who has mobile ad’s showing on their site would give me a few pointers as to where I should place the code?

    I also klnow that Google only allows for one advert per page which is good as I don’t want to overload my page with adverts any way, but would like to know if it is also possible to have the mobile advert show in the header part as opposed to the side-bar?

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    I did a search on Google and found this discussion which then points you to this plugin. Read both and try this to see if it helps you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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