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    Hi All

    I raised this with support but they suggested I raise this request in Forum

    I would appreciate know model what James has configured

    To be Specific:
    1. Looks he’s got all the posts from Category Business featured in Content area
    2. Two most recent have more in terms of content with Seven others with less
    3. Note the 2 ‘feature’ fit in with sidebar, the following 7 are full width

    Look forward to knowing which ‘widget’ goes where

    Thanks in advance


    URL –

    Child Theme – Outreach

    P.S. Happy Monday!





    Here’s how you could do that.

    Conditionally increase the excerpt length using PHP code on the latest 2 posts and use the content-sidebar layout.

    The first 2 posts use the default content-sidebar layout and the rest use full width content layout which can be done using custom CSS.

    Requires a fair amount of work and custom PHP& CSS coding.



    Thanks for getting back to me Brad… I may be off base here BUT…

    Can you recommend the best way to feature multiple posts in a similar style natively (without additional cost or coding) please

    Appreciate your time !



    What you can do is use this code to conditionally control excerpt lengths and use either the content-sidebar and full-width-layout.

    You could also use Firebug to make some CSS changes so it extends your content full width after the sidebar ends.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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