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    Linda Muller

    First I want to thank all of you at StudioPress for the great themes and the website where we can get everything from plugins to CSS tips.

    But… this new forum is frustrating and literally useless for trying to find specific information on a particular theme or problem.

    I care much less about having separate forums on themes [although I would love to have them back], but I greatly miss the ability to have a top-notch search function.

    When I search in the new forum all that is returned is a plain list of results. There are no dates when the item was last updated, nor any indication of responses. This leads to endless clicking through every single item to find what I’m looking for. And it will only show 10 results per page?  My only other option is to give up searching and scroll endlessly through every forum – because not every user posts their topic in the correct forum.

    The old forum listed 50 results per page and showed navigation for all pages. In addition the old forum gave us the ability to search within a thread and different options to display threads.

    Just compare the search function between the old and new forums. I’m sure most will agree that the new forum is not up to the task.

    Please consider reinstating the old forum. Thanks.



    Agreed with you!





    I don’t want the old forum back ever. I eot much faster help with this new forum and there ticket system. StudioPress support system is so much better now.

    This isn’t the first thread started about this topic.





    As @snakeair pointed out, this suggestion has been made a number of times, and each time the response has been the same:

    We can certainly appreciate that change is hard. The forums are now, and will continue to be, a community driven place for users to share ideas and solutions. The official support channel is limited to assisting with issues related to using StudioPress themes. Topics pertaining to customization of StudioPress themes will be referred to the community forums. We are confident that, over time, the new forums will contain even better information than was previously available since we are able to encourage community members to participate in discussions, offer suggestions, and of course ask questions. This system is here to stay and will ultimately bring the best balance for both our users and our staff.

    Because there are no plans to change the format of the forum, I’m going to close this topic, as the subject has been raised and answered previously…

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    Gary Jones

    I don’t think the irony is lost, that the OP may never have found previous threads raised about the issue of not being able to search out previous threads about an issue…

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