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    Hi, just wondering how many plugin are recommend for one site and Is their such thing as to many plugin.



    Yes you can have too many, but it really depends on what your site is about and what the plugins are used for.






    I would have to agree there’s such a things as to many plugins and you should only use what’s needed.

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    Depends on the site, I normally have from 5 to 10 plugins. If you can code something manually I suggest doing that instead of getting a plugin. Also deactivate and remove every single plugin you don’t need.

    Too many plugins can slow your site down, type in google ”google site speed test” they’ill test your site and give you a rating. By deleting useless plugins I moved up a few points. Obvious the best gains in spped were obtained by using W3 total cache setup correctly but that’s another topic.



    My recommendation is to use the fewest number of plugins you can to achieve your goals for the site. I don’t believe in “must have” plugins and only use the plugins I need for a site. Great example, Gravity forms is the closest I could come to a “must have” plugin and every time I setup a site I ask myself if I really need forms on this particular site. I’ve setup some sites without it, but more often than not I want a contact form and some type of opt in form. Both of which Gravity Forms can do.

    Still, I look at the plan for the site and really ask if I need those features each and every time.

    I do that with every plugin. I’m not shooting for a max number of plugins though. Some sites I am running 2 or 3 plugins. Other sites I have more like 20 or 30. I probably average something like 12-14.

    Just a fun bit of reading that goes in depth on my thoughts for this as well as listing some of the plugins I’m running on a couple of sites to give an idea of why I chose those for those specific sites

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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