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    Good morning,

    In the “Setup Portfolio” section in the  “Minimum – How To” section, where it describes how to setup the portfolio, can you clarify a couple of things:

    (BTW, the “custom permalinks” link on this page is broken. (http://my.studiopress.com/setup/minimum-theme/codex.wordpress.org/Permalinks) as well as all the links in the “Developers” section on the 404 page that is generated when clicking on the “custom permalinks” link.)

    1)  The instructions state to click the “Add New” link to add a new portfolio post. This only adds a new page.

    2) However, I’m ok with only adding a page and not a post, still though I’m not seeing where the portfolio archive page is generated or placed nor how to make it look like the demo portfolio.  (http://demo.studiopress.com/minimum/portfolio/)

    Can you assist in how to make it look like the demo portfolio?

    What am I missing?






    Because your question relates to setting up your site like the demo, that is the type of question that can be answered by submitting a support ticket:


    In Minimum, the Portfolio is actually a custom post type, rather than a traditional page or post:


    In Minimum, we have added a special Custom Post Type called Portfolio. In the dashboard admin area of WordPress, find the Portfolio menu item.

    Click the Add New link to add a new Portfolio post. Upload your image and mark it as Featured. Add any descriptive text you like.

    The theme will generate a portfolio archive page for you, such as http://yourwebsite.com/portfolio/

    See demo – http://demo.studiopress.com/minimum/portfolio/

    This relies on custom permalinks set up in WordPress.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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