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    Jonas Bystrom

    Does anyone know how to or a workaround to mix Post AND Page in Responsive slider?

    I have 2 Pages and 1 Post i want to circle in the Responsive Slider (Executive 2.0, but should not matter).
    Is this possible?

    I have tried to just use the post no of the Post but configure for Page and vice versa but that does not work. SLider only displays Post if confgured so and Pages if configured so (logically…)

    My current workaround is to make a Page-copy of the Post and run the Responsive slider with Pages. It works of course, but I then must make copies and will end up with both Posts and Pages of those. OK, not the worst thing in life ….
    But when visitors search my site, they will get two identical matches (1 page and 1 post) which to me looks pretty “un-nice”.




    It’s not possible, but here is a work around. I used the plugin called Page Links To – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/page-links-to/. Create a dummy post with the title you want and add the URL to the Page you want it pointed to. This way you can add it to your slider.


    Jonas Bystrom


    thanks for the tip. Sounds like a great W.A.
    I’ll try it!



    Jen Baumann

    You can also use the custom redirect uri field under the SEO section for posts or pages if you use Genesis SEO.



    This is a major drawback to an otherwise wonderful plug-in.  Please consider changing the plug-in to point to either pages or posts.  There are many other sliders that do, but none that are Genesis theme ready so you can just install the plug-in and the slider looks the same as the theme demo.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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