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    So I have seen this topic once or twice in the forum but none of the answers seem to be working for me. I am using the minimum-pro theme. I have added the code snippet to my functions.php, and I can see the post formats are enabled in my posts, but they don’t do a damn thing, even after adding some basic css. I seen an article over on wpbeginner – – that says to edit the post loop. Is this necessary for a genesis child theme, and if so how should I go about it. If not what should I be doing???



    Which code snippet did you use? Can you provide a link to where you got it from. Also please provide a link to your website.



    I used the snippet from studiopress I don’t have a link, I am working locally. I can choose the post format it just doesn’t do anything




    Thanks, I’ve already done all of this with no luck. You have a lot of good tutorials on your website btw. Is there anything that needs added to the loop? After adding css for the post formats and refreshing the browser nothing happens. If I bust out firebug I can’t even find the css…



    Do you see the post formats in the backend?

    Where did you paste the code?



    yep, whenever I go to edit or create a new post or even the cpt that I defined i can select a post format. I pasted the code into my functions.php in the directory for minimum pro. this is exactly what I have pasted –

    //* Add support for post formats
    add_theme_support( ‘post-formats’, array(
    ) );
    //* add post-formats to cpt ‘services’
    add_post_type_support ( ‘services’, ‘post-formats’ );

    thanks for taking the time to help out : )



    I’m having the same issue, same code from SP tutorials added to functions file of minimum pro. See the post formats on in the dashboard admin for post, but nothing is showing up on the frontend of the site. Working locally also.

    This should be plug and play simple?



    Maybe I’ve missed the purpose here, but I’m trying to use custom post types to display video in a post list page. I have the video inserting into the post and the post is set to custom post type of video. Video shows up in single post page but doesn’t show up in the post list page.
    What am I missing???



    Not related to this topic.

    Please start a new question.

    You will need to display the video thumbnail as the featured image which you can do with a plugin.

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