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    I’ve got three different pages of posts. One is a blog, one is podcasts, and one is news.

    I’m using the Focus theme — first question … if I created my site with the original Focus theme and have kept it updated, is it now the Pro version using HTML5 or would I have to reinstall? The reason I ask is because when I tried this method, nothing happened:

    but this worked:

    Back to my original navigation question … can I have the navigation work so that it goes to the next post within the category? Right now, if you click “next” or “previous,” you might get a podcast instead of the next blog post. If nothing else, I’d like the navigation to work on the blog, but for the podcasts and news, it’s not important — I’ve got a list of the podcasts under each one, so they can just click on those.

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    Hi Susan: I sort of forgot about this and finally revisited it. I poked around a little more and happened to find a post by YOU that was asking the same thing about how to link posts within a category …

    I was able to get Brad’s code to show the links, but they still weren’t linking to the right category. Nick’s follow-up reply worked perfectly for what I needed!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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