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    Elaine Griffin

    Love the plugin, Nick, it’s great!
    I do have a question about controlling the output, though. My client wants to control exactly what is shown in the teaser. Specifically, she wants her meta description to be her post teaser. Any thought on how to do this in your plugin, or if there is a way to do this in general for a post teaser?
    Her site isn’t live yet, so no link.
    Thanks a bunch!



    Hi Elaine,

    I see it’s been awhile since you posted. Just checking to see if you still need help with this issue?

    Honestly, if the featured posts are changing out on a regular basis, this would be easier to hard-code in the form of a text widget than customizing the plugin. :)


    Have you been helped in this forum? Pay it forward and answer someone else’s question. I bet you’ll know the answer to at least one question. :)

    I host a weekly WordPress-focused podcast called Office Hours. I tweet @cdils.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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