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    Hi All

    Any ideas welcome!

    I’m looking for a plugin so I can create a page for a business that’s being franchised where potential franchisees can enter their postcode and the system will tell them the nearest franchise area and/or the name of the current franchise holder.

    (Eg, they enter L23 1aa (Crosby) and they system tells them that the Liverpool Franchise area is available and also shows a nearby area of Southport with the Franchisee contact details)

    If it shows the location/area on a map then so much the better.

    Does anyone know of anything off the shelf?

    Many Thanks



    I think you can accomplish this with the AgentPress plugin. Could create all of the taxonomies in there that you describe. Look at the AgentPress demo. You could create something like the Property Search with the plugin –

    Also, take a look at this property listing – the property details is the information you would create in the taxonomies, and if presented with an address – that location would then render a map –

    You do not have to use the AgentPress theme to do this – you can use any SP theme.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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