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    Some questions re: Premise functionality:

    (1) If I add Premise to a responsive theme, do the landing pages that result also behave responsively?

    (2) I’ve asked this before (a long time ago) but would like an update: is work underway to make Premise responsive in its own right? I.e., it’d be nice to add Premise to a non-responsive theme and have the landing pages that result (from Premise) be responsive nonetheless.

    Thanks for the feedback.



    Premise is not supported on this forum. When I asked before they said to refer Premise questions over to here – If it’s not answered there, you should log in to your Premise account and put in a support ticket.



    Oops. Thanks for the redirect.



    FYI: I sought support about this question from and here is the response I got back from Nick the Geek:


    Thanks for checking with us.

    1) I’m afraid Premise is not responsive at this time but we are working on something that will allow this to work.

    2) Like I said, we don’t have any responsive design, but we are working on a feature that will allow for Premise to become responsive.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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