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    1: A user logs on or is logged on >  tries to access a page that is protected by Premise > they have an account, but that account does not have a high enough user level for them to access that page.  They get a page that is a dead end. It simply gives the title of the page, in this case eMagazine, with no where to go. It doesn’t let them know they need to pay — or pay more — to get to that page.  We have several people loading content onto our site.  As Editors they do not have access to the magazine, but they do as admin. I don’t really want to make them admins, but I also don’t want to have to make them pay.

    How do I give editors access to the eMagazine that is behind a Premise Paywall.

    How do I give more information to anyone who logs in and ends up at a blank page.

    2: Do our paying customers now have access to our WordPress site?

    We use Genesis and Generate as well as Premise.




    Hi – I just wanted to follow up to see if this issue is resolved, or whether it needs to be escalated.

    Did you submit a ticket to the Premise support forum?

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    We did hear from Premise, and this is what they said.

    We should use the [show-to accesslevel=full] [/show-to] tags better, so now we have directions for people who get ‘lost’, but is below the content for those who do have access.  thanks for asking.  Premise rocks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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