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    So this this is so clean… and just perfect less is more right!  So I am having trouble mimicking this:

    The third post on the home page

    I have selected the post type as gallery and I pulled in the short code example for Gallery

    [gallery ids="xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx"]
    I totally accomplish the gallery on the blog post page but not the beautiful featured imagery on the home page anyone?
    This is the demo site
    I also did the xml import to work backwards on the customization of this site great idea! Tried to do a inspect element so I am now 
    at a lost ... 


    Hi Eleanor, are you trying to get the whole gallery to show up in that spot? Is that one picture the Featured Image?



    Hi on the demo site it shows as a featured image on the home  page and that is what I want to mimick

    And yes that one picture is the featured image because I couldn’t figure it out and I am trying to accomplish it on this post



    I did a view page source on the demo site and it shows a plugin I can’t find could this be why it is not working?


    <link rel='stylesheet' id='colorbox-theme3-css'  href=''



    This is what I am trying to accomplish on the demo site this is the featured image on the home page, and blog page:


    This is what the directions say in the them tutorials:

    Post Formats

    We have also enabled additional post formats for this theme: Quote and Gallery. Compose your posts as usual, and choose “quote” for Quotes, which will have the title removed, and for Galleries, choose the gallery option. For the gallery, upload your images to the post, create the gallery and insert it into the post body.

    When I follow the directions for the Quote Post Format it works fine…

    So I hope you can see why I am lost and confused because it does not look like this on my site…



    Hi Eleanor,

    I don’t see one additional step in what you wrote. On the post itself – over on the right hand side – There is an area there labeled “Format” with 3 buttons – Standard, Gallery, Quote. Did you click the Gallery button and then save it?

    There sare the steps I took and it work the first time out and I’ve never used this before:

    Add new post – title and blah blah line
    Over on the right, I clicked the “Gallery” button under “Format”
    I then clicked the Add Media button
    Clicked the Create a Gallery button on the far left, grabbed 5 images from my desktop.
    Then Clicked Create Gallery on the blue button bottom right
    Then Clicked Insert Gallery
    Saved it…
    … and it showed up on the front.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years ago by  AC.


    Nick The Geek came to my rescue..Eleanor,

    By habit with working in Genesis I went into the theme settings and made my normal changes.  I went into theme settings and choose “post excerpt” that is why it did not work for me.

    In the demo it shows the full content without the featured image. If you wish to have your posts show the same as the demo you will need to show the full content and use the <!–more–> tag to cut off the content on your posts.



    However, I still contend that if a certain plugin is used to create an effect like the j-querry light box one that was used it should say so in the tutorials.  Not everyone is going to be like me and know to do a view page source to try and find an answer.

    Also, I did learn something new thanks to Nick about “more tags” which I have not ever used

    While this is a tutorial it is a great resource on using this aspect of WordPress and it applies to as well


    The tutorial instructions for this theme where detailed but sometimes we forget simple things like the above will affect what we are doing.  Kind of like how  plugins are little kids and they don’t always play nice.

    So having a statement either to educate or remind would not hurt:

    This site is using this setting in the Genesis Framework – Display Content – you will find this under…. If you don’t use this setting you will not have this affect…

    As for the Gallery I went and did a google search just to make sure I did it right and had no problem making a gallery post or a quote post

    I miss the way the old forum was set up.  Easy for newbs and intermediates to follow  a video tutorial on theme setup Organized… each theme had it’s own forum topics…

    This is not a difficult theme but as you can see how one setting some one uses all the time when setting up sites is a habit can muff things up,  it threw me off for 2 days.

    But whatevs, Nick The Geek is Awesome Sauce

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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