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    I have both a TradeDoubler account and (as of today) a PHG account that allows me to make affiliate links to apps in the iTunes App Store for use within my WordPress based sites.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with this system over the last couple of weeks?When trying to create links to specific iOS apps, I can no longer get either of the ‘button’ style links to paste correctly into by WordPress-based site. It was working fine (for many months) but now, using the same copy/paste process as before for the link text (pasting it into by blog post while viewing in ‘text’ mode in WordPress), the code appears at first, and if I go directly to ‘preview’ then is shows up. However, if I then save the draft or flip to ‘visual’, the affiliate link just disappears and when I return to ‘text’ view, the code I had pasted has just disappeared.

    The process of putting these links in was functioning fine until a couple of weeks ago and, as far as I’m aware, I’m not doing anything different in the process I use to create the links (I’ve done this dozens of times without any issues up until this problem appeared). I’ve chased this up with folks at TradeDoubler (who handle the UK/Europe iTunes affiliate stuff) but, as yet, they can not replicate the problem. Today I’ve had the same issue using Link Maker via my new PHG (US/North American iTunes affiliate scheme).

    The problem is only with ‘button’ style links (the ones that display a small iTunes download button). The ‘Text Only’ link still seems to be working but, obviously, this is not as nice as the ‘button’ links to use in a webpage….

    I’m not sure if this problem also co-incided with the update to WP 3.6 and/or Genesis 2.0? Any help or guidance would be welcome… as would any comments from others who have experienced the same problem.




    I see you posted this a while back, so I hope you got your issue resolved. If not, come back and check in, and I’ll escalate it for you…

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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