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    I am using the Focus theme and I like the way the view and the single post template display my posts (I am not using the grid view).

    I created a custom taxonomy for posts that are of a different topic and since I have not defined a custom single post template, it defaults to the one that I am already using (a good thing); however, I cannot figure out how to use the default post view.  The result is that a list of posts from each of the two taxonomies (default posts and my custom taxonomy) does not look the same.

    Compare the “posts” and “news” views on  Can anyone show me how to list my posts from the “news” posts so that they look like the “posts” listing?

    Thanks in advance.



    Hey there,

    A single post template won’t come into play until you’re viewing a single article (be it a default post or your News cpt). Where you’re seeing the difference is how the archives are displaying.

    Possible reasons it doesn’t match:

    When you created your CPT, did you set ‘has_archive’ => true ?
    Did you create an archives template for your CPT?
    Do you have any plugins running that impact post display?
    Have you added any custom code to your theme for controlling post excerpts?
    What are your Genesis theme settings for the archive?

    Sorry for the twenty questions – just trying to narrow down why they’re not a match. :)



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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