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    I have a problem with navigation. I use primary and secondary and I have set my primary to float on right. i need to fill, the rest of space for primary navigation (left side), with a colour like background BUT it seems that secondary navigation has spread to the area of primary navigation. Any ideas why? and Btw any suggestions how can i make height of primary navigationa smaller?

    Thank for any advice



    First of all you need to clear all floats on your secondary navigation bar so that it doesn’t feel tempted to occupy more than what it should. Find .nav-secondary { and add clear: both; to it as in the example below:

    .nav-secondary { 
    	clear: both;

    (Please add clear: both; to the rest of the code that’s under .nav-secondary {, don’t delete what’s already there.

    After that, if you want the space next to the primary navigation to show the background, you need to find .site-container { and remove the line that says background: #fff;. Now the rest of your site is transparent so, to bring the white back in, add background: #fff; to .site-inner { and you should be good.

    Let me know if you run into any issues!

    Monica | jesterstear on twitter |

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    • This reply was modified 2 years ago by  JestersTear.
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