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    my problem is that outreach pro responsive theme is not working with Arabic no matter what i do so if anyone can shade some light on this cause i cant understand why its not working.

    Thanks in advance


    Can you define what’s not working? Most of us here don’t read arabic, so we can’t see what wrong.

    Have you opened a ticket with SP? Seems like a theme bug?

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    It’s weird because the site looks fine if I resize my browser, yet if I visit on my actual phone, I see about 3 lines of text and nothing else. I know other users have been able to get SP themes translated with no problems, so I have been scratching my head on this one for days.

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    Hi All
    as nutsandbolt but it the site work just fine when you switch to Mobile Arabic on Computer or IOS simulator but when you try to open it on real IPhone or IPad its not working you just have white screen and it drive me crazy cause I don’t understand why it happen like this.
    I already open ticket and they ask me to come here?!!!!!!!! so anyone can help or just hint on what is happening ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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