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    This is a a new thread about new issues that came up in a previous discussion. The main problem has now changed from one of finding which themes have WP Cycle built into them to a question of how effectively to get WP cycle to work with other Genesis themes in areas other than the blog header..

    The new question is how to get shortcode for WP Cycle to appear properly in a text widget. So far I have been partly successful in doing this following instructions provided elsewhere on how to place WP Cycle in a blog theme.WP

    So far, I have added a line to the functions.php page for the Magazine Pro Theme.

    This allows the creation of a text widget with shortcode that shows the WP Cycle rotating images in the widget.

    The problem is that parts of the shortcode continue to appear in the widget in addition to WP Cycle.

    I found one way to get all or most of the uwanted shortcode to disappear from the display of the text widget using this code before the shortcode itself:


    This does cause the unwanted shortcode to disappear from the widget so that only WP Cycle is displaying images in the home top division of the blog.

    However adding “<form ” to the beginning of the line of shortcode also causes the layout for this theme to malfunction. It causes the sidebar to float to the bottom of the page. As soon as this is removed the layout reappears. but there is unwanted code in the widget.

    Any assistance in resolving this issue would be very much appreciated.



    The instructions provided on this page need to be revised and adapted to each theme before they will function properly. How to do this is not obvious.

    Regarding an attempt to follow these instructions for use with a blog using WordPress 3.7.1 and the Magazine Pro child theme, the following instructions were implemented to the letter.

    1) The recommended php was pasted at the end of the theme’s functions.php page

    2) The shortcode provided was pasted into the text widget.

    This did not solve the problem entirely because parts of the shortcode itself appear in the tex widget instead of being hidden. The problem is how to get the shortcode hidden from view so that the widget displays only WP Cycle and does not have sections of code that clutters the layout.

    There is something about text widgets in the current 3.7.1 version of WordPress or the shortcode itself that causes the shortcode to appear in the widget instead of WP Cycle. The shortcode provided does not work properly in the text widgets of WordPress and the Magazine Pro theme.

    Please look at the site itself. All of the instructions provided have been followed to the letter and the shortcode has been entered verbatim into a text widget. It does not work.

    Something needs to be done to modify and improve the shortcode so that what the shortcode is designed to do, ie present the WP Cycle images in a legible and uncluttered fashion without fragments of shortcode appearing in the text widget on the homepage.

    A modification or revision of the shortcode that solves this problem is needed to make the shortocde and WP Cycle function properly in the Magazine Pro and probably other themes. There are clearly problems in the syntax of the shortode itself when it comes to using them with WordPress 3.7.1 and the Genesis based Magazine Pro theme which came out a few days ago. What is needed is for all of the coding to disappear from the text widget.

    The instructions on the page provided need elaboration and revision.

    After some clarifications, the instructions and the shortcode recommended on this page were all implemented exactly as recommended on the tutorial – documentation page on the use of the WP-Cycle plugin listed below. Shortcoding was enabled on the functions.php page and the shortcode provided was pasted into the text widget.

    The shortcode and other coding recommended on the page above needs to be modified for it to work.

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    This issue has been resolved by a timely clarification on a related thread.

    It turns out that the real (short and simple) shortcode for the WP Cycle theme that works once shortcoding has been enabled on the functions.php page is simply:


    A great little shortcode which illustrates the true meaning of shortcode.

    A line to this effect might be added to the WP Cycle tutorial saving beginners a lot of time.

    Thanks to the developers of WP Cycle and forum support professionals!

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