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    Hiya I’m running Outreach and bbPress but have a problme wiht how forum posts are displaying.

    It’s to do with how text is formatting when members post on the forum.

    You’ll see an example here:

    As you’ll see the first two paras appear in small text

    Next three paras should be bulleted but don’t display that way and appear in small text.

    Final para displays correctly

    Here’s what I see in the text version of the forum posting editor:

    In July 2012, CYP IAPT sites were asked to feedback on the measures used. The responses may be found <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>over here</a>.

    My favourite bits are the scale made up by a young person who didn’t like the CORS (page 42) and also the long long list of comments by clinicians beginning on page 19, e.g.,


    <li>Practical tips on how to use measures, e.g., “… you can eventually print out the graphs drawing from the COMMIT database and use this as a tangible tool to discuss with the young person and link changes to sessions and content of the sessions as you go along…”</li>




    <li>Positive examples of measure use: “A child was able to highlight in a session the issues we were NOT talking about more easily than if we had not had it clearly identified on the SRS/ORS Family members like the visual aspects of this process – ‘shows’ the change Not ‘just talking’”</li>




    <li>Examples of negative feedback on measures: “Young person (10 year old) recently commented ‘not more questionnaires’. I have questionnaires coming out of my ears”. We need some feedback from young people about their experience of completing these measures every session.”</li>


    My interest (as a researcher) in this forum is how I can learn about how to increase positive experiences and reduce the negative, and how best to use practice-based evidence to improve the talking therapies and other ways of helping provided by Children and Young People’s IAPT.


    I hope you can help





    It looks right for me. Did you find the issues?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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