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    I hard-coded it into the excerpt of the first of the two articles. I’d like to stylize it, too. It should link to the article. Yes, it’s slightly redundant in that the article title above the date can be used, but for flow reasons, it’s jarring to have to double back. I’m thinking of a narrow-deviced user who won’t want to thumb back if interested in the full article. A link to take the user to the destination should be where expected, at the end of the excerpt.

    Would love to change the “Tagged With” on the Blog template to different text, too.

    Where can I learn to modify the Blog and other templates in Prose?

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    If you change your Genesis theme settings to display post content, then set a content limit (as opposed to using excerpts), you should get a “read more” link at the end of each article. Then you can style the read more link however you’d like in the custom CSS section of Prose.

    You can change the “tagged with” text by following this tutorial on changing the post meta: (or installing the Genesis Simple Edits plugin as mentioned on that page). Hope that helps!

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    Thank you for your answer, its been a quick fix for me (

    Isn’t there a way to have the Read More buttons without doing this?? This is generating duplicated content… I like to use excerpts!!!! It is a really disapointing thing from studiopress if this really works like this!!! :(

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