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    I have been using the Prose theme for a site. Today, I tried out the Lifestyles theme, then I went back to the Prose theme. The Prose theme was showing in the preview, but the Lifestyles was still showing live. I could not change it, so I deleted the Lifestyles theme.

    Now, even though it shows Prose is the active theme, it is not appearing. I think I may have updated Genesis today as well.

    This is the site with the issue, and this is what it should look like,

    Thanks for any help



    The site is still showing Lifestyle Pro as the active theme, but it says the stylesheet is missing. I would FTP into your site and make sure the Lifestyle Pro folder is gone. The 404 page shows Prose, though.

    Are you running Cloudflare and/or W3 Total Cache by chance? Be sure you’ve purged all your cached files, or try deactivating W3TC to see if that allows it to display correctly.

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    thank you for the quick reply. it appears to be working now. Lifestlye was gone from the files. i am using super cache or something like that, maybe it took a while because of that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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