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    I am trying to put in a custom background on my webpage and I am having trouble properly fitting in that background. Does anyone know how I can fit my background to my webpage so the gradient is fully visible on the webpage? Or even make the background so it is responsive to the screen the webpage is being viewed on?

    My URL is http://www.asmallbizlife.com

    Thank you!


    Diane Kinney

    How tall is your gradient image currently?  My first suggestion would be to make it 600 or 700 pixels high and fade it to a solid color at the bottom, and set that color as the background.



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    Lisa at OG

    And for the width I would make it about 1850px wide to allow for a larger screen and then fade it out to left and right to a solid color as Diane has suggested for height. Just remember that on smaller screens part of your image will not be visible. An alternative would be to add repeat to the background code in CSS. Hope this helps.



    Thank You! I appreciate your help! I will try that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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