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    I am learning things by myself and there is something about font I cannot figure out.
    I read everywhere things about adding a font to a theme and the font needs to be declared in the header.
    But is let’s say I want to change the font of my nav bar with the font Bebas. If I use firebug, I find
    .genesis-nav-menu {
    font-family: Lato, sans serif;

    if I change with
    .genesis-nav-menu {
    font-family: bebas, sans serif;

    I can see it works.
    So my question is, do I just need to change my css and write betas instead of Lato or do I need to declare betas somewhere in the theme??
    I don’t understand this point..If someone could help me on that, that would be great!

    Kind regards





    You need to declare the font in your theme (if it’s not a “standard” font). Depending on the theme you have, you would either add it to your functions.php file, or your CSS file. Also, you may need to add the font to your theme’s folders on your hosting site (for example, if it’s not a Google font)

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    you have to install the font and than set your css, so your best bet is to use font face

    or use google fonts and there are some genesis tuts on how to get google fonts in your Genesis theme.
    Just look around its not too difficult.

    For Bebas you will need font face or even type kit..
    I think type kit is easier because I think if I remember right they do most of it for you..
    I think..



    Here’s a guide i use to install custom fonts




    Thank you all for these answer!
    I was a bit confused because I saw different method on different theme and with genesis I didn’t understand the @import for google fonts, I get it now!

    As for fonts that are not from google thanks susan and Joey! I understand it doesn’t work the same way.

    I’ll practice now ;-)

    Kind regards


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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