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    I am looking to decide if I want to start using Genesis to create themes. My question is, when you change between different child themes, do the things you put in the widget areas stay or do you have to set those up again like with a normal WordPress theme? Example: I have a widget area called footer 1 – in that widget area I have a text box with some links. When I changed to a new child theme, will that text box stay in the footer (transfer to the new child theme) or do I need to reinsert that text box and info.



    You may have to play with widgets. Sometimes themes don’t have footer1, footer2 widgets. It isn’t that cumbersome.
    If you just have the one footer with links should be ok.



    Ok great! I am doing a multisite for a group that have a lot of the same information but would like to change “looks” from time to time. I am looking for an easy way to set it up where they could just look at the themes an activate a new one without having to really do anything.

    So you think if I create the themes with the same widget areas/sidebars etc. then when they change themes everything would stay in place?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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