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    I am very interested in a couple of themes including Agency and Executive. Also like eleven40. I can see that they are mobile responsive but when I go to look at the showcase using these themes, often they are not mobile responsive.

    So…the question I have is there something you have to install or coding/editing that you have to do to “turn on” mobile responsive? A plugin?

    Also, I noticed that the shop on the Agency theme sort of falls apart in mobile – all the buttons get mashed up and there are some part of the shopping cart which are cut off and there is no slider at the bottom to scroll left/right to view the content. I know that shop uses a WooCommerce plugin.

    I use AWeber as my email marketing solution. Any insights here? I know that that AWeber can generate code that I can plug into WordPress – any pitfalls or things I should be aware of?

    Any help or experience would be appreciated.


    Patricia Browne



    When you purchase the theme, it’s fully responsive based on the code in that theme. You don’t need a plugin or anything like that. When you go to the showcase, if they have highly customized their themes – chances are if they aren’t responsive, the developer didn’t customize the responsive design area so that it will view properly. That’s not a theme issue – it’s a developer issue.

    The store is Woocommerce and there have been a few kinks in the responsiveness of that page, but most have gotten it to work for them.

    As for AWeber, you can use the eNews Extended Plugin, place your aweber setting in it and it should work fine. If you don’t want to use the plugin, I’ve found with my clients that you need to use the HTML code and not the Script code or you’ll have some responsive issues.



    Thank you for all your insights. Now I just have to pick a theme, Good tip about the HMTL vs script code for AWeber.


    Tim Squires

    Hello, I am also having issues with my Executive theme mobile display and wondered if anyone may have some insights.

    my url is:

    I have adjusted the logo to make it bigger on the page. It looks fine on my desktop, but when I view the mobile version on my iPhone part of the logo gets cut off (it won’t resize properly).

    Is there an adjustment that I need to make in the responsive design area CSS?

    Many thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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