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    I saw in another forum (http://www.studiopress.com/forums/topic/pretty-pictures-plugins/) where Nick spoke about the usage of Quick Cache versus W3 Total Cache and this site running on the latter. What I’d like to know is if I don’t have a ton of traffic, features, or plugins on my site – which one should I be using? Are both acceptable? Or for the purposes of my site, should I switch to Quick Cache – I am using W3 Total Cache now.



    If you are using W3TC and it is serving you well I would just stay there. W3TC has a lot more features built in so takes a lot longer to setup, but once it is setup you can generally forget about it.

    If you were setting up a new site and just needed basic caching without the bells and whistles then I’d look into trying out Quick Cache or WP Super Cache.



    Well, see… with some of my clients – depending on what hosting company they are using, I get a lot of “red errors” and then I have to do all this work to try to figure out what’s wrong. I think I’ll try the Quick Cache as a starting point with new clients who have nothing at all and see how that works. You are correct, W3TC has a lot of stuff in there.



    I installed QuickCache and my GTMetrix/YSlow numbers are still indicating that my browser caching is too slow. Can you recommend the best settings for using QuickCache with Genesis/Lifestyle theme?  Thanks, ~ Jennifer



    My webhost setup my w3 total cache plugin as I didn’t know the server settings and features that was installed. If I tried installing the plugin myself and enabled what I wanted, it would of caused a lot of trouble. If you decided on using w3 total cache, first contact your web host and see if they will set it up for you or have instructions on how to customize it to get the best performance.


    BTW, W3 Total Cache plugin was updated today and the security issue should now be resolved. (Or till someone spots a new threat)



    The last comment caught my attention as I just installed W3 yesterday and struggled to ensure it was set-up correctly…and not being sure after all. I’ve just moved from a WP free theme and I’m building anew with Legacy for a future biz site. How do I determine if W3 is set-up properly?

    Thanx and Happy Holidays.



    My blog is hosted with websynthesis.com in which they set the plugin settings up for me.



    @tjd if you see a red message at the top that says your files may be accessible, that means you need to do the following steps.

    1. Go to your FTP file manager
    2. Go to your file folder where you WP is set up
    3. Open your Plugins folder > then W3TotalCache folder > look for the htaccess.txt file
    4. Move that file to the new folder that was created at level > wp-content/backup-db
    5. Once the file is moved – RENAME that file .htaccess – and remove the extention of .txt.
    6. When done – it should only look like > .htaccess

    Go back to the Dashboard to see if the red warning line is gone. If not, review the steps again. If they are gone, then proceed to setting up the plugin the way you would like it to work.



    Still looking at the comments re: the newest W3TC  upgrade. Continues to receive too many negative comments for my taste. Today did another speed test on pingdom.com. Tested @ all 3 locations. Tested with W3TC, with no cache plugin, & with Quick Cache newly installed(1st time).

    Hands down winner: Quick Cache.   ~a note/ no cache plugin was slightly slower than W3TC.

    For my use, new site, lo traffic, Quick Cache is great.

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