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    WordPress advice needed…

    I currently have two sites. One is self-hosted, and is largely static content:

    The other is hosted, and is used for blogging:

    Recently, I got myself a new company logo – and I’m now trying to update the two sites with the logo.

    For my self-hosted site, I have installed the Chip Life theme, because it seems to handle the logo nicely. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work properly (the control panel is broken, and I can’t change the font and colours), plus of course it isn’t available on And the authors no longer seem to be maintaining it. So whilst it looks pretty close to what I want to achieve (clean, minimal, with the logo prominent), it isn’t a good choice.


    1) Recommend me a theme, that I can use my logo nicely, grey with orange highlights

    2) Recommend how to proceed with the dual-hosting. Is there a way to make the two look similar, or should I abandon the site, and move everything to my own site?

    I’m pretty tech-savvy so editing CSS doesn’t bother me if that is what it needs – and also I don’t mind paying modest fees for themes & customisation, if appropriate.

    Erin Ulrich

    I just took a look at your links, and it looks like you’ve chosen to merge the sites and have a theme. Is this issue resolved then?

    Erin Ulrich | Design by Insight | @erinulrich

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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