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    Is there some sort of advanced search or even tag cloud to make searching the new Forums simpler to navigate? Like many I miss being able to browse Child Theme specific forum topics and an advanced search and/or tag cloud would make searching easier. A prominently displayed tag cloud may also encourage those adding new Forum Topics to use tags more consistently.



    Thanks for this recommendation. This is a feature we are working on. I am doing some testing in an alternate site to see the best ways to integrate tags with search phrases to allow maximum flexibility in searching. This will take a while to develop but it is something we very much want to make available to improve the forum experience.



    The forum very much needs advanced search.

    What is the status on this?

    Also needs themes in separate sections, current format is a horror when it comes to finding theme specific info.



    This is being developed. It may be a while before this is done because some underlying issues are being addressed first. Please note that code for one child theme is applicable to other themes so we will not be bringing in 40+ child theme forums.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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