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    HI, I’m at the point where I’re renamed several site Pages and the permalinks now need to be changed or I get 404 delivered. I’ve read that a 301 redirect plugin would work best, any ideas how to proceed or recommendations on a plug-in would be appreciated. Thanx…Happy Holidays.



    How many pages do you need to redirect?



    Hi anitac,

    I’m attempting, without much luck it seems , to redirect about 5-6 Pages to the same Pages but with new names. I’ve been working with a WP Plugin and it just doesn’t seem to be working for me. About a half-hour ago I opened up a page from Dashboard and got a white screen with a message: Example Domaine from I haven’t a clue?? Anyway the information is there but when I choose that page from the Nav Menu I get that Message and I’m totally clueless.

    I thought changing the Permalinks would be a breeze but not so. Part of the confusion is that yesterday I installed both W3 Cache & Yoast SEO which for me was a bit demanding and so there is a little confusion goin on. Yoast sez for good SEO I need to reconfigure my URL’s and so there you are. Thanx for asking….ideas??

    BTW my website:



    Would this work. Since you only have 5-6 pages to redirect, there is this plugin I use called Page Links To – You install it, then go to each of the 5-6 pages, and add the URL that you want that page pointed to. I think since you don’t have very many this might work for you.




    I did figure a fix for my particular issue but I’ve bookmarked the plug-in for future reference. Thanx for taking the time to offer your suggestions.

    Happy New Year, once more,




    Yoast’s SEO plugin has a redirect built in, but I’d recommend using Urban Giraffe’s Redirection plugin.  once activated, it will monitor changes to the post permalink and automatically create a redirect for you.  You can manually add simple redirects, or use regex if you’re game :)

    It does everything but make toast!



    Thanx for that recommendation re: Urban Giraffe. I only installed Yoast recently and wasn’t aware of the re-direct feature at first. I did discover it later but in trying to use it, I never saw that anything was affected. Frankly, prior to this site-building, I thought I could simply ‘edit’ the permalinks  at the top of each Page, but ran into trouble with the one Page. My solution to that, was to trash that Page and re-build it with the new permalink and it works fine. One question I have is, where is the code-information stored? Can I look at it? As I can’t touch Genesis, I’m wondering how I can tell the re-direct works. I probably should read a ‘Guide to Permalinks for the Code-challenged’.

    Happy New Year!



    To determine if your redirect is actually sending the proper 301 status code, you can download the “Live HTTP Headers” add-on for FireFox. You can find it here:

    Once installed, type in your old url and you should see the browser get redirected to your new URL. Then take a look in Live HTTP Header for the message HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently. Any other redirect status code could have a negative impact on your search rankings.


    -Rick R. Duncan



    my understanding is that you can just edit the permalink as you have done, with a few caveats:

    beware duplicate slugs
    beware changing links which have already accrued link juice

    A quick intro to permalinks: all requests to WordPress are actually funnelled through, which then implements the redirects using php. (It can otherwise be done earlier in htaccess). WordPress stores all the permalinks that it creates in the database table wp_posts in the column ‘post_name’.

    WP won’t create a duplicate name, so if you put  /home in the trash (not emptied), then try to recreate it, you’ll get /home-2.

    Changing the slugs can be bad for your ranking, because you may have accumulated link juice at /my-popular-post and if you change that to /my -really-popular-post then when you get reindexed, Google will receive a 404 not found at your valuable address, and you lose the juice.  This is why the Redirection plugin is useful – when Google visits, it will be informed that your valuable page is still viable, but has moved permanently to the new URL by a 301 response.

    To address your original issue:

    install redirection,
    Tools>Redirection>Redirects, add new redirection:

    Source = /my-old-slug
    Target = /my-new-slug

    Going forward:

    ensure that under tools>redirection>options: URL Monitoring is set to ‘Modified Posts’ and ‘monitor new posts’
    edit your post permalink (if a number is appended to you chosen permalink, there is a duplicate)
    Redirection will automatically add a redirect (see it under Redirection>Groups>modified posts)

    Best wishes, Tim

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