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    My site’s using 64MB memory and has started receiving 502 bad gateway errors.

    Many plugins are providing needed functionality, but this needs to reduce, so ?’s:


    1) I can remove Jetpack (it takes up 11MB alone) but how can I re-insert Genesis / Eleven40 comment and contact forms?

    2) Is it possible to disable or remove parts of plugin files (via the admin side or FTP ?) to get rid of unnecessary functions ?

    3) How can you make a plugin only take up memory, if that plugin is used on a specific page? I.E. not all loaded on homepage





    I can provide some insight to question #1. The comment forms will just default back to Genesis/Theme contact forms. Jetpack is just using a hook to insert their custom form. As for the contact forms, you will have to find another contact form plugin. It is also possible to disable individual modules within Jetpack to possibly reduce the load.

    As for performance issues, I would go to the WordPress forums and ask for advice there as your questions are more about WordPress in general.



    Thks Ryan. Will check out the WP forums for answers.

    I’ve learned via Pingdom that many files are also loading twice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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