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    I’m struggling to remove a link underline (appearing as a dash or two, depending on browser) in a couple of text widget areas. In both, I’ve got a graphic containing a link. Right now, the CSS is set to underline all links (with “none” on hover). I’d like to remove the underline in these two text widget areas only – the email icon graphic in the sidebar and the “Happy Birth Way empowers . . .” graphic in the left top widget area. This is in the Crystal theme.

    The home page with the top left graphic is

    An inner page with the sidebar email icon is:

    I’ve tried to follow the instructions here: but must be missing something.

    As well, I’ve added text-decoration: none; in several areas in various CSS #sidebar areas. Nothing I do seems to make the needed change. I realize I can change the way hyperlinks work on the site overall, but I’d like to leave the rest of the links on the site as is and just get rid of the unsightly “dashes” that are appearing under these two graphics.

    I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!



    You need to add new rules to target those elements, e.g. .home-top-left a { text-decoration: none; }

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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