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    I like the Genesis design well enough, but for my blog, I’d like to remove the responsive design, in order to show the desktop version on mobiles (with the sidebar). I have removed all the code under Media Queries on the Genesis child theme and saw no results (also removed on the main Genesis theme, just to double check -no results).

    Any ideas on how to have only the desktop version running on all devices?
    Thanks! :)

    *I’m aware I’m not supposed to make modifications on the parent theme and the reasons, I was just trying it out -and have added the piece of code back.

    Susan Nelson

    You may also need to remove this from your functions.php file:

    //* Add viewport meta tag for mobile browsers
    add_theme_support( ‘genesis-responsive-viewport’ );

    Susan Nelson | Oh, Hello Designs | Twitter | Facebook



    Thanks for the suggestion, Sunsan! :)

    Apparently, that just gave me a responsive but messy look. I still have a single column layout, now with a small/thin sidebar on bottom.

    Anyone has any other suggestions? I might have to reach to their Support team…



    Correct me if I am wrong but removing the responsive coding the theme will not fit to well on mobile/smart phones now. The menu’s sidebar will look out of place besides other part’s potentially.



    Hi Snakeair,

    The template will fit well on mobile screens -being that it will fit with 2 columns, displaying the sidebar immediately, instead of forcing visitors to scroll through 10 posts before seeing it. Can it be more bothersome to actually read the posts, absolutely. But it’s a preference questions: display sidebar x allow easier reading. I prefer the second.

    The sidebar menu will not look out of place. For all other parts (as well as menu, if needed), I would be able to figure out a fixed position or arrange the position with CSS.

    Thanks for the input. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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