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    We want to remove completely the responsive design.

    I have deleted the Responsive Design portion of the styles.css doc. On iPad and iPhone the site is still loading in “adjusted” for a mobile device (in other words, not like the desktop view).

    How can we completely remove ALL responsive design elements for this website?

    We are using a modified Minimum Theme with Genesis Responsive Slider for the slideshow on the homepage.

    Dev site:




    Please disregard the dev site listed. I need to move on and have adjusted the responsive design accordingly.

    I am still curious how to remove ALL responsive layout elements for future development. When I removed it from this site the content was cut off on iPad.



    Having the same problem. I have removed all the mobile responsive CSS (I think) from but still having cut off issues when viewed on a mobile device.



    I’m just curious to why you want to remove the responsive theme?

    Is there something I haven’t thought about?



    expfarm and Lettucedesign, in functions.php, you have to delete the tag with the viewport meta tag.


    Gomlers, for ad implementation, sometimes, a separate mobile theme is better.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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