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    Henrik Blomgren

    I´m just so full of questions this is starting to get a bit funny.

    On my blog I have a category called “Illustrationer”. All posts in this category is of the post format “image”. So they are styled different from the standard and aside post format. I do not want Genesis to show the featured post image on any posts that are of the “image” post format when people are browsing the post itself(using single.php)

    On any other theme or with some easy added code I can create a template file that is used for when the theme handles the post formats when viewing a single post.

    If we take this link for example: you see that there is no featured image displayed above the title when compared to The reason for this is that I have two template files called content.php and content-image.php that helps me with displaying the different post formats as I want.

    Is this possible to do in Genesis? I haven´t found anything of the sort regarding in how to show the featured image on certain post formats. It´s either display featured image or not regardless of post format. You can choose where to display the featured image but you do not seem to have the ability to remove the featured image on certain post formats?

    I have managed to do just this using the home.php and adding on functionality for how different post formats are displayed when browsing the blog. But for the single.php I have not found any means of doing this.



    I actually have the exact same issue. I am using Content Views for a page that pulls in posts in a grid format and want to remove feature image links from the featured images. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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