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    I’m using the Glitter & Lace theme on my blog and am wondering if anyone knows how to remove the circle that is located above each blog post. To my knowledge, it represents the number of blog comments but I want to remove it.

    Any advice is welcome.


    Dorian Speed

    The Genesis Simple Edits plugin will let you customize the display of the post-info (top of post), post-meta, and footer. You can remove the comments link that way and I think it should remove the circle, as well. Not sure if you’re saying you want to show the number of comments without the circle, or that you don’t want to show anything comment-related at all.

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    Thanks, Dorian.

    I still want the ability to comment on each post, I just don’t want the number of comments to be publicized so prominently. i.e. not at all.
    Some of my posts have zero comments (wah, wah) and I don’t want that to be shown.




    Go to your style.css file and find

    .post-comments {

    and add

    display: none;

    below it and it will remove the number and the image.

    Amy Susan @AmySusanDesign

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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