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    I’m not sure where the right place to report bugs is so I’m posting here.

    I don’t use Genesis but came across this answering a question on WordPress.Stackexchange .


    In your genesis_save_custom_fields function you do a check for current_user_can with one of the singular capability checks that require an additional $arg (the post id).  This causes 2 PHP undefined offset notices which never get seen even with WP_DEBUG turned on because the function is attached to the save_post hook and the page refreshes.

    If you happen to use Xdebug you will also get a headers already sent warning which will prevent the page from refreshing after the save_post action.

    The fix for this of course is to pass the post id along with current_user_can:
    Line 234 /lib/functions/options.php should be changed to:

    /** Check the user allowed to edit the post or page */
    if ( ( 'page' == $post->post_type && ! current_user_can( 'edit_page', $post->ID ) ) || ! current_user_can( 'edit_post' , $post->ID ) )

    You can probably also eliminate the post_type check since the edit_post and edit_page cap are now interchangeable (since WP 3.1 ).

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    The best place would probably be the help desk

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    I don’t use Genesis so I don’t have access to the “help desk”.  I don’t need or want support I’m just trying to notify the developers of the error.


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    We already have a bug ticket filed.

    Edited to add: you can still access the general help desk without being a member. :) We are aware of the issue and as Travis reported over at Stack Exchange, are working with core on a fix.

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    This was fixed in trunk on 1.17.2013 by Mark Jaquith in his audit. Release fix TBD.

    Personally, I believe this to be a WordPress issue since map_meta_cap() does not check or sanitize $args[0]. So I’ve submitted a ticket to WordPress core as a result.

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    Any word on releasing this fix? I just spent an hour tracking it down only to find out it was found and fixed 6 weeks ago, just not released :(



    You could try submitting a support ticket to let the staff know.



    So again…  any update on this as it’s still not fixed to WP core, or Genesis?  It sounds like it was fixed in Genesis trunk but still almost 2 months later not released?  Could we at least get a patch to Genesis published?




    Yay!  Genesis 1.9.2 fixes this.

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