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    Thanks much “sdbroker” — I appreciate the insight —
    I did not yet know about that, but don’t like the fact that you have to create a subdomain and forward it to them for the IDX to work – that seems like a poor solution.

    I originally wanted to go with FlexIDX for the client, but Q & A has led me to know that it is not a fully responsive IDX, and I could not get an ETA out of them as to when it would be – so I moved on.

    Your comments of spending 100s of hours to make the ihomefinder work, is daunting to say the least. This is a client site and they are not going to pay for 100s of hours to get something to work well– I need a solution that is practical and not a lot of custom CSS and for the IDX and the template to be responsive now — the client will get a new site now and not want to have to get it rebuilt and retweaked in a few months, so it needs to be responsive and as new technology as possible now.

    IDX Broker was said to me by someone to be the most responsive, but in my review of it there were other drawbacks it seemed, but maybe I’ll check into it a bit more. Back to the drawing board.




    I am very biased since I am a IDX Broker Developer Partner.

    Having said that, I have learned a lot about IDX over the last few years. One of the most important things is that all of the vendors are better at some things than others.

    I have owned Palm, Nokia, Blackberry, and Apple smartphones. They were all better than everybody else at something.

    IDX is the same way. Some vendors will have a feature set that works for you, and that same feature set may not be a good match for someone else.

    I have done AgentPress responsive with IDX Broker Platinum installs for a lot of clients. The biggest reasons that I have clients switch TO IDX Broker from other vendors are:
    1. Mobile Responsive
    2. Map Search
    3. CRM / Lead Capture

    I know that IDX Broker is working on adding new features.

    Let me know if there are any specific questions about IDX Broker that I can help with.





    Now you found out that I am really forum-ignorant : )



    I have added in the Blue as the default, then Green, Red and Tan. I need to write up some instructions on my website, but because of the time I’ve put in to this, I won’t be able to do the free version but the price will be minimal. I’ll post back when it’s all ready.



    You have us all chomping at the bit.

    Let me know when you are ready. I want to be your first customer!



    @RealtyCandy I’ve got a few questions about the IDX Broker for you.I know that is the most responsive from all of the plugins currently out there so that’s never been my concern and I also know that it can be manipulated on the user/developer side to make quite a few nice presentations of the search and result pages.

    Here’s my concerns:

    1) Based on what I’ve read on IDX Broker’s site and from what I’ve seen on Realtor sites that use the Platinum plugin, in order to get SEO credit you need to point a subdomain to so your site looks something like that: If you already have a WordPress site that runs another IDX plugin with 1000s of listing pages already indexed by the search engines can you install IDX Broker in a subfolder instead of a subdomain, similar to

    2) On the listing details page when you click on any of the listing’s photos it opens a new page with all the photos in it and a link on top and bottom of the page to “Click here to return to property details”. I believe that’s a very lame approach since it makes the user to make 2 clicks if he/she wants to see the next property on the results page (1st click to return to the property’s results & 2nd click to see the next property). Most of the other IDX providers use some kind of a gallery to display the photos on the same page of the listing’s details. Is there any way that IDX Broker can be made to also display photos on the same page either as a pop-up or as gallery slider?

    3) When you use the Search tool on IDX Broker the URL of the results page displayed on the browser looks similar to this: which includes the “listinds” subdomain before “ Is there any way that this and similar result pages URLs can be changed on the user/developer side to be something similar to instead?

    4) Can the Search Results and Property Details pages be manipulated on the user/developer level to add meta in front of the property address, city, state, price, geo, etc. without having to rely on IDX Broker’s support to do it whenever they feel like it?

    I was seriously considering IDX Broker as I think that you can manipulated the most out of the existing WordPress plugins but those are the things that turned me off on it. I have NOT demo it myself so I really don’t know if all or some of those things that bug me can be changed.




    1. No, you can’t use a subdirectory. Although Matt Cutts from Google says that they are about the same. Google ” matt cutts subdomain vs directory “.

    2. Yes. You can see one we are working on for a client at

    3. Not really. You can create redirects on your site or short urls or something of that nature.

    4. I don’t think so. You might be able to do some after: before: tags in CSS but I haven’t really explored that.

    Like Winston Churchill said : “Democracy is the worst form of government. With the exception of all the others. ”

    I did my last NON- IDX Broker site this summer for a client. They really wanted to use a different vendor. Once we got into the project and were about to finish it, some of the pain points for them with their IDX were actually things that were easy to do with IDX Broker. They would probably have been better off with IDX Broker, but that was their choice.





    Why can’t you copy the IDX css to your child theme Style sheet and add responsive code to that?



    @RealtyCandy Thank you James. Although as I said before, I think that IDX Broker is currently the most complete WordPress plugin, reading that

    A subdomain can be useful to separate out content that is completely different.

    on the Matt Cuts article you provided convinced me that IDX Broker is not what I want. How can a “homes for sale in My City” be classified as completely different from “My City real estate” page? I guess by having the “homes for sale in My City” in a subdomain instead of in a subdirectory under “My City real estate” according to Matt Cuts.

    A silly question: Do you also need a separate WordPress install on that subdirectory in order to run the plugin?

    I’m sure that IDX Broker is perfectly fine for those starting a new website with no existing content but it doesn’t seem fine to those already having an established website with lots of existing content. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Thank you for the clarifications! Getting answers from an IDX Broker developer/partner, at least I now know what works and what not for my specific needs.



    FYI, I have the HTML5 version of my Metro Agentpress completed. So I’ll have two on my site shortly – non-HTML5 and an HTML5.



    Awesome @anitac – looking forward to it!



    If I am building an SEO Satellite Site, where design is less important than straight SEO, which theme would you recommend?
    In other words, which Studio Press theme is the MOST SEO Friendly?


    p.s. why do I have to post this message multiple times and it will still not show up in teh forum? annoying!




    Did you release your free version? Where can I go to download it?



    @benjeeno, send me an email on my website.



    The new theme I worked on is ready and free now.

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