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    I am trying to get my Agency themed website to collapse the main menu into the standard 3 bar icon for smaller screen sizes.  I have tried following this site:

    I could get the main menu to hide and show as it should, but not the responsive menu icon.  Are there any instructions for doing this in Agency, or perhaps someone can take a look at the instructions above and point out what needs to change to make it work with the default Agency theme CSS and settings.

    I have managed to get an ugly bootstrap based responsive menu showing, but I am after the little 3 bar menu.

    I also want to replace the search with the little magnifying glass, and the phone number with the telephone icon, but these are less important.

    PS: why did you stop using vBulletin?  This forum is no where near as easy to use, search and navigate as the old one!



    can we get a link to your site?



    The main site is

    I will add the CSS and JS back to it that I was trying to get to work.



    Hello Meppy,

    I am having the same problem with the logo in the header of my Agency child theme. It does not reduce in size to fit smartphone screens. I notice this thread kind of fizzled out! Hope this will revive it because my customer wants their logo to shrink to fit iPhones.

    However, my menu seems to be responding well to resizing, but I notice yours is NOT (at The difference may be that the menu I’m using is placed in the “Header Right” area under Widgets, plus I changed the CSS a bit to move it over to fit. Maybe this info will help with your menu.

    But I hope other folks have some wisdom on getting a logo in the Agency header to be more responsive to resize for iPhones! Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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