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    Hi all,

    I am wondering if there is a way to have a different variation of a page show on the responsive version of a site. So I would have page A be the page the person sees if they are on a desktop and page B be the page seen if they were on
    a mobile device.  I know we can control the css with a responsive theme but I have a page that has some links on it that go
    to  forms on the mobile site version I just want to have a phone number click to call appear without links to the form pages.

    Here’s a copy of the page I would like to try and do this on.

    (this would be the desktop page)
    the responsive page ( mobile ) would not have the links for UI, and CL&P
    Is it possible to do something like this using css ? Could I wrap the text

    “Or click on the appropriate link shown below.
    UI customers click here.
    CL&P customers click here.”

    In css so that I could use that to display nothing on the responsive page?
    Is it possible to do this with a hook? plugin?

    Hope I have explained what I am trying to do clearly, and it make sense.
    I am using the latest versions of studiopress,executive theme, and wordpress.

    As always thanks to anyone that takes the time to respond with this with how to solve this problem

    Scott V




    This would require some work in a page template or your functions file to work. You could conditionally load or unload content based on if the browser is a mobile one. WordPress has a function that works well for this: wp_is_mobile().




    thanks ramseyp- think I might have a go at this- seems like it might be useful to others besides me if I can get it to work like I hope- Might be a tad bit above my skills but worth a try.

    If this thread stays open I will post the results here if  I am successful

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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