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    Although the checkbox remains unselected in the Content Settings, Title & Content is not visible on Mobile Devices for the responsive slider on

    Any hints on what I might try to remedy this?

    Thanks for your help.



    Tony @ AlphaBlossom


    You can change .menu li.right, #content #genesis-responsive-slider .slide-excerpt in your child-theme style.css from “display: none;” to “display: block;”

    But you’ll see why most people “hide” this at smaller resolutions. You’d have to do more editing to make the text much smaller or hide part of it, but it usually is unreadable on smaller devices.

    A couple of recommendations are:

    – leave it as is, but use full width-images.
    – display the title only and hide the smaller text at smaller resolutions.
    – move the caption box below the slider, so it extend full width along with the full width images.

    These can all be accomplished using css.




    I’m working on a site using newspro and the responsive slider and your solution worked really well but as you point out the title is too big. I was hoping you might share the css to move the caption box below the slider on a vertical mobile view. Or the best way to use css to define behavior in the vertical view. I tried adding font-size to this block but it didn’t have any effect.

    .content #genesis-responsive-slider .flex-direction-nav li .next,
    .content #genesis-responsive-slider .flex-direction-nav li .prev,
    .content .slide-excerpt {
    display: block;

    the display: block; – solved the initial problem.


    Tony @ AlphaBlossom

    hi jmack,

    Any chance you can share a link? It’s much easier to troubleshoot if I can see it on the site.



    Thanks! The site is at Would be super to figure this out. As a backup I was contemplating trying to have a different widget appear in that size which would be a whole other adventure in coding for me.


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