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    1. I’m not sure I have the Home page defined correctly.  I need a free standing Home page and will later add a blog page.

    2. It should work like the sample with a slider that extends across the entire page. (Currently my images are 660px wide, so I assume I will need to increase those.)

    3. The instruc. say to use a “Home Slider” widget area. I only see a “Slider” widget area – is that the problem?

    4. When I tried using the “Static home page”, I did not get the pages in the slider to show up at all. So I went back to Setting>Reading>Posts but am worried that when I try to initiate a blog, one will confict with the other.

    5. Do I get rid of the right sidebar on the homepage? If I need to do that, how?

    David Chu

    These big tricked-out home pages that every theme company is using now can be tricky to set up. I’ll address a couple of these questions.

    I am also seeing backlash against using the “big tricked out homepage” (I’ll call it BTOP), although I am now using one myself. There are 3 sidebars in Education whose sole purpose is for filling the BTOP, those are Slider (as you guessed), Intro, and Featured. If you use a static home page instead, these won’t do anything anymore (without some programming).

    To get rid of the sidebar, I think that you can do that by going to Genesis… Theme Settings…. Default Layout, and choose the full-width one instead of the one with a sidebar.

    I don’t use the big slider, but to replicate the one in the demo, you’ll want a pic that 1140 pixels wide (and 350 pix height if you want to replicate that). That’s another roadblock that comes with BTOP – if you have a giant slider, and your pics are the wrong size or orientation, they will look weird. So photo editing is needed. I have clients who don’t realize that if your mix of photos are in both portrait AND landscape orientation, a slider probably is not the best way to present them. Example: if I have a pic in portrait orientation and I resize it to 1140 x 350 for the slider, it will look insanely wrong!

    Not only that, but if your photos are not, let’s say, top pro quality (and that includes most pics that I take!), having a giant slider will magnify every tiny flaw.

    Lastly, let’s say you set up your site with a static homepage, and you want a blog later. You can just create a Page called “Blog” (or what-have-you), and on your edit screen look for “Template”, and choose “Blog” in the dropdown.

    Hope that helps,

    Dave Chu · Custom WordPress Developer – likes collaborating with Designers



    I now see the Titles flashing by, but not the images themselves. Wondering, too, why the images show below and not in the Slider itself.

    Anyone have any ideas?



    Looking with Firebug, your images do not show at all.Weird. I would upload them again, check the exact sizes.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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