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    I’m using the responsive slider plugin and on a specific slide I would like to turn off the caption box display. Is ther any code I can add to the genesis-responsive-slider.php file to do this?



    You can do it via CSS.

    If you view the source code for the page, you’ll see that each slide excerpt has a unique ID. For example, if we use the Studiopress “Agency” theme demo as an example, the excerpt for the third image has the following class: slide-excerpt slide-825

    <li style="width: 950px; float: left; display: block;">
    <div class="slide-excerpt slide-825">
    <div class="slide-image">

    So we can use a little CSS to simply and quick “hide” that excerpt:

    .slide-excerpt.slide-825 {
        display: none;

    You’ll just have to figure out what the unique ID is for the excerpt you wish to remove.

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    Thank you very much. That snipet of code worked perfectly and less than two minutes to do, once you know the ID for the slide-excerpt.

    Tip for others, the unique slide-excerpt ID that Derek pointed out is easily found on any Edit Page/Post/Media page.

    For example: from the address of the particular Edit Page –
    The unique ID is 123


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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