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    Running Genesis with Agentpress theme. I have a couple of “design-wants” and want to make site as close to 100% responsive as possible.

    1. Header

    A. Design Wants:  Prefer to have my custom header float over a background- eliminating the rectangle look/feel in the middle of the screen- see the static screen shot of what I mean here:

    Since it is a screenshot the sides don’t expand indefinitely- but live they would. The header image is 960 wide by 125 High, the background is a design fixed size at 1 pixels wide by 450 pixels high repeated horizontally (not vertically so below is white which is fine with me.)

    By the way- I am aware that there are several other design elements that need clean up on this screen- I will focus on these later.

    B. Responsive Question- The theme says it is responsive but I gather that you have to doctor any added elements too if responsiveness is going to work correctly. I guess that if I am going to make my custom header responsive I will need to use the responsive header plugin and include the correct scaled header images. I imagine the same is true for the background image- since it is a design that lines up with the header image, I would also have to include scaled background images and find a way to have them change as well. I have no idea how to do that and need help.

    2. Slider area:

    A. Design-From the screenshot above you can see I also tried to match up the 1 px X 450 px background image repeat with the slider widget area. The color is not the same (I will change the slider color) and the match-up is not perfect- with a little photoshop fudging I could get it right (for this specific zoom factor) but that would not address two issues- when you zoom in it no longer corresponds and when responsiveness kicks in- it will fall to pieces.

    B. responsiveness and formatting: The slider will be only on the front page- It would be best if the header had its own responsive background image and the slider had its own responsive background image (the 1 px wide images repeated behind the header and the slider.) On pages where the slider would no the included the – the slider background would also not be included.

    a. I will use the genesis responsive slider but I need to be able to scale a background image (or find a way to make all the slider borders a solid color and just leave the background of the slider area a solid color 1px repeat horiz. and vertical. Right now it has that bottom white strip with a small drop shadow.

    b. I need to be able to call a different responsive background image for the slider area then that used in the header area. (From a design standpoint would like to know this anyway.)

    Thoughts, suggestions, solutions- welcomed.


    The Agentpress theme is not and never has been responsive. Where did you see it labeled responsive?


    Well- thanks for sugar coating the news for me and letting me down easy.    ouch.

    To answer your question 1. Agentpress states that it is integrated with Diverse Solutions dsidxpress which is responsive (flow through of realtor MLS listing information responsive from computers to mobile devices.) Based on that studiopress statement, the fact that a number of other studiopress themes are responsive and that there was no mention of Agentpress not being responsive, its easy to conclude that the theme is responsive. How can it be integrated with the responsive DSidxpress if it isn’t responsive?

    So here I am- where do I go from here? (no four letter suggestions please.)



    What are the options to make a site responsive – now that I’ve learned that agentpress is not a responsive theme? see this post.


    OK- I was wrong on both accounts. Agentpress is not responsive and dsIDxpress is not responsive. I have subsequently learned that although DSIDXpress will automatically transfer html inquiries for IDX results to their hosted mobile results formatted pages it does not offer up responsive results pages at a user’s site (i.e. my site) through wordpress integration. It does keep quasi connection to my site- and allows the end user to register and make inquiries but the info results are not hosted or published from my local site.

    I wonder how that effects the seo of mobile searches -probably not linked through my site?

    Back to the drawing boards.

    Observation regarding the topic of responsiveness (and others) in wordpress:  As a novice there will always be topics that we don’t understand enough about to ask the right questions- or that we should be asking questions.



    Hi,  Am just reading this, don’t know if you have taken another direction, but you could possibly try using the AgentPress Listings Plugin with one of the StudioPress themes which is responsive, not with the AgentPress theme.  I have not done this, I have one site which now uses the AgetnPress theme –

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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