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    Is anyone here experienced in  web & database development of  RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard)? There is a free RETS client available at and there is information for a variety of programming languages at .   In order to obtain  direct access to the market MLS data of my board , Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors,  that programming is necessary.



    Not sure if you are asking to “hack” your WP code, but I did a search on WordPress about RETS and here are some plugins targeted to RETS and IDX. Take a look to see if one of these would help you –


    Jared Williams

    You should be able to get RETS access from your Broker or your Local MLS provider. For instance, I have worked with Realtors in Chapters that use Solid Earth for MLS.

    They contact the System Admin and request RETS access for their account. It is normally granted that day, and they are given a username and password. We then pass that info on to an IDX provider such as Diverse Solutions.

    Will Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors not give you RETS access?




    Yes they do they give access themselves via RETS or through IDX from an authorized vendor.





    I get contacted on my website regularly by people wanting a custom RETS setup.  RETS is very expensive to get setup and working right.  It is also expensive and complicated to work with on an ongoing basis.


    I recommend to everyone that wants RETS for a single agent or small office real estate site to just use IDX from someone like IDX Broker or Diverse Solutions.

    You will save yourself tons of initial setup money (thousands of dollars) and ongoing development, and you will be able to get support from them.

    Most of these vendors charge $40-$50 per month.  That really is pretty reasonable if you are selling ANY real estate.

    Good Luck!


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