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    Has anyone used some sort of “Right Click/Copy” protection?
    I know that there is no way to “totally” stop this, but I’ve seen some plug in that will deter most copy cats from “right clicking”
    Thanks, Steve



    it’s easily worked around so it’s pretty pointless.

    if you absolutely must have it, you can see an example here: http://www.devcurry.com/2009/11/disable-right-click-easily-using-jquery.html#.UcjrLxZC4eU



    Thanks Ozzy, Yes I would think so too,. I just wasn’t sure if was something to be concerned about. I came across a website that I looked like it was built with WordPress and was curious what theme is was. I couldn’t right click (view page source) or view page source from my browser, etc,.. Yes, I eventually found a way around, what theme etc. and it got me thinking about it. Then I did a search on the WordPress site for plugins, came across a plugin that stopped this,..

    After further research it seems “we got over this practice on the web years ago”. For you ,I & others it maybe pointless but do you think it will deter most/some from at least copying?



    i would think anyone who wants to look at your code to copy it would know how to get around that.

    as far as copying text, you can probably still select the text and control + C it…


    David Chu

    Ozzy’s right… it’s pointless to disable right-click. Photographers like to ask for that because they’re trying to protect their stuff. It’s old-school, because in today’s social media world, it’s more effective to share some of your goodies and then sell the fancy stuff rather than trying to lock everything down. Just ask Copyblogger. ;)

    Right-click “protection” is just Javascript, so all someone has to do is turn that off in their browser temporarily and they’re in. You can also view source via your browser regular menu rather than trying to use any right-click menu. And there are even other means for grabbing them, but you didn’t hear that from me. Not to mention Google itself grabbing your images for their archive. :-)


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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