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    Studiopress think to release a new update of Genesis Framework?
    In about three months will be released WordPress 4.0, the latest version of WordPress is the 3.9.1
    Genesis is the latest update to WordPress 3.8 (January 2014).

    I ask this question to know if Genesis Framework is an active project and that have a future.
    Normally when a project for a long time has not updates because it will be dropped.

    thanks for any response and sorry for my bad English language



    Andrea Rennick

    If you follow the developers on Twitter you will see that it is very much an active project.

    Also it is the core of our business – why on earth would we drop it??

    Nothing has *needed* updates for the latest version of WordPress, so we do not send out upgrades just for the sake of having something to update. From January to June is only 6 months.

    Remember, the bulk of the team also follows core WordPress development os we are aware of any changes that might be needed.

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    I would put my 2 cents: I think developer should focus on making more professional child themes. Genesis is a great tool, but it design potential is really limited, compared for example, to the new Divi 2 theme from ElegantThemes. I don’t want to say Genesis development team should take charge of drag ‘n’ drop page composers or so on, but for sure the users community needs more quality child themes.



    Hi Andrea, thanks for the reply.
    Your words comfort me. Very well.

    If you follow the developers on Twitter you will see that it is very much an active project.

    Please, you can insert the link? Thanks



    Perhaps this is the link?

    On Twitter there is Lady Gaga, Justin Bibier and more.
    Would not it be more serious share on the site StudioPress?
    Or maybe you think we spend time playing with your social networks?

    Blog StudioPress at some point it stopped the MARCH 11:

    It is here that I would like to read the news,, not on Twitter or Facebook or Little Monster.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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