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    Hi, I have a site where I’ve had subscribers that get emailed through Feedburner anytime a new post is made.  I just moved to a different email marketing system and divided the list into 3 different lists.  I used to have 1 list for all of southern california.  Now I have a list for LA…  A 2nd list for Orange County…  And a 3rd list where you can get emails regarding posts to both the LA and Orange County, which I called “All SoCal.”  So, what I would like to do (Haven’t done this yet because I’m not 100% sure how…) is to keep the “All SoCal” category going on the main page of the site.  So every post shows there…  LA and OC posts…  Then have a page for LA posts only and another page for OC posts only.  Then I’d like the people wh0 subscribe to LA only get emails for LA posts, and OC subscribers to only get OC posts.  And of course the “All of SoCal” subscribers will get both.  How would I make the 2 new feeds?  Once I do make the 2 new feeds, I would just have to tell iContact to send an rss email to the right list?  Is it just a matter of making new categories and putting them on a page?  Thanks a lot!



    Hi Kilerb,

    I’d suggest using category feeds to accomplish your goals. First, setup a SoCal category in “categories”. Then add LA as a child item, with the parent of SoCal. And add Orange County as a child item, with the parent SoCal. So you should have:

    Orange County

    This will set it up so that every post you put in LA will also appear in SoCal, and the same is true for Orange County.

    Then, “view” each of the three categories (by clicking the “view” button on the categories page) and add “feed” to the end of each address so, if your url for one of the categories was the feed would be located at

    Similarly, if I wanted the feed for, I could located it at, and so on.

    Then just setup each feed in feedburner and you are set to go.

    I would recommend considering a different subscription method than feedburner however. It’s been “depreciated’ which means it won’t be around indefinitely — and every new subscriber you get on feedburner will be lost when it ultimately shuts down ( I’m a big fan of MailChimp for delivering RSS feeds. You can send the next day, using just MailChimp. Or if you’re interested in faster results, the Autochimp plugin offers a great solution.

    Tisha Oehmen, Paradux Media Group
    Twitter: @TishaOehmen



    Thanks!  Appreciate it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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