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    Hello all,

    I really like this theme but got few hiccups and the dev has not respond yet.

    1. How to change the height of the header image into 150 px instead of 100 px ?
    I tried to change the min-height in CSS and the code in header, but no luck

    2. How to replace “Return to Top” text with an image ?
    I added this code on the #footer .gototop, but now the whole footer is gone and there’s an extra image like a repetition.

    text-indent: -9999px;
    background: url( );
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: center;

    3. I want to replace “Sulam Bibir Kristal” text (under “Sulam” menu) with “Sulam Bibir Crystal” but the text alignment is mess up. I have removed the title limit codes, but it just odd changing few letters can give such an issue.

    I welcome any suggestion. Thanks in advance.


    Update :

    1. Resolved. Change the min-height : 150 px in CSS and change the height to 150 px in function.php

    2. Still not resolved. I managed to customize the “Return to Top” text into “Top” using SP code snippet as follows but no idea how to change it into image ???

    add_filter( ‘genesis_footer_backtotop_text’, ‘sp_footer_backtotop_text’ );
    function sp_footer_backtotop_text($backtotop) {
    $backtotop = ‘[footer_backtotop text="Top" href="#"]‘;
    return $backtotop;

    3. Not resolved.



    2. Instead of using [footer_backtotop text=....], you can add in regular html, e.g. $backtotop = '<img src="http://location-of-image.jpg">';

    3. I don’t quite follow what the issue is. For me, it’s wrapping and seems aligned currently. Pic of it in the hover state:

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    Hello Kraft,

    Thanks for jumping in.

    2. Resolved
    3. The word “crystal” align on the second line while there is enough space to be on the first line. I don’t feel it as a neat arrangement. The weird thing is when I change the word “crystal” into “kristal”, the whole text, “sulam bibir kristal” is positioned nicely in one line.




    #3. Change the width of the menu list from 160px to 170px:

    .genesis-nav-menu li li a, .genesis-nav-menu li li a:link, .genesis-nav-menu li li a:visited {
        width: 170px;

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    Thank you very much guys ! Works like charm.

    I’m struggling with the responsive header now, might need to open a new post if I can’t do it my own.

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