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    Larry James

    I have been using the Streamline theme for quite some time, it is not the new version but the first version 1.0.
    I have just discovered that using a logo in the theme does not replace the text but instead hides the text behind it using CSS.

    I checked my site using a SEO cloaking tool, and the tool suggest that my site is using cloaking to display the site differently to search engines than it does to people.

    I changed my theme settings to display dynamic text instead of the logo and ran the test again, this time I passed and the tool found no evidence of cloaking.

    My question is, how can I display my logo with running the risk of being penalized for cloaking? I realize that this theme is and older one and will not be updated. Do all the themes use this same CSS technique or are the newer themes more search engine friendly?

    Durham Web Designer |


    What site did you use to check this issue. I was also wondering about this but I think you can disable the text (name of site) from showing in the header section.



    Genesis 2.0 is more search engine friendly because it offers support for HTML 5 which you can use in your child theme.

    You’ll need to convert the CSS in your child theme to HTML 5 which outputs your markup as HTML 5 and your schema as microdata.

    You can also add custom microdata which is something you’ll find in some of the new themes focused on specific niches.

    Personally, i don’t think the site title is a problem.


    Larry James

    The tool I used to discover the cloaking problem is found here:

    It detects and the css trick as cloaking. When I changed my theme settings to use the text instead of the logo, and then run the cloaking checker the tools tells me I no longer have a cloaking problem.

    There is more information on the topic here:

    I am not sure if using the image inside of the h1 tag is the answer:

    <h1><a href="/"><img src="logo.png" alt="My Site Title" /></a></h1>
    Would Google read the alt tag as the h1?

    Durham Web Designer |

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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