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    Hi all,


    Any critical security tips out there for WP sites?  Is it worth renaming yoursite/wp-admin to something else?  If so, how?




    wp guy


    I’d defo recommend changing your username from admin to something else. Go to Users > Add user and add a new administrator user. You can then delete your old admin user.



    I got my username changed, got a good web host ( and also using on my blog.

    Here more tips, your wordpress admin password, make sure it’s not the same as other passwords you use online. If a hacker get’s one of your passwords, that person will try it out on accounts that you have online when they find out. Passwords should be long with letters and number’s.

    The blog post below is a good read with some basic security things to do/keep in mind on top of the advice given so far in this thread.



    Mainly make sure your plugins and wordpress version is up to date. Make sure you have a backup plugin installed to do backups of your blog at least once a week. Why do you do this? Well if by some odd reason your blog get’s hacked or you mess up the blog by editing some coding, you have a backup on hand that isn’t old and you won’t lose to much data. My web host that I mentioned has a lot of good security features in which I can feel safe from a hosting standpoint and backups.



    you may want to check out this article



    Thanks all, good advice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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